229824 Maxon Gravity Down Power Unit - 2.5 Gallon APP0253

  • $669.95

Maxon 229824 Power Up / Gravity Down Heavy Duty power unit.  Drop-in replacement APP0253 from NLP Parts. 

  • 6-1/4in x 8in x 11in metal reservoir with 3 holes. (APP3159)
  • Overall dimension of 6-1/4in x 8in x 19-1/2in.
  • Alternative is BPP0019-6 with 2.5 gallon reservoir.  
  • APP0250 is metal 1 gallon reservoir alternative (APP3145)
  • APP0245 is poly 1 gallon reservoir alternative (APP3149)

Replacement includes start solenoid, 12 volt motor, drain valve, manifold, pump and 2-1/2 gallon metal reservoir.